Specialty Garden Services

This year we are focusing on irrigation / sprinkler systems to increase efficiency. Zach is an Irrigation Association Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor. We can provide the following services to save you water, time, and money.
Repairs: Repairs of leaking valves, broken heads and pipes, controllers and wiring issues, lighting systems and more.
Retrofitting for water savings: Easily cut water use by 30% by changing old fixed spray nozzles for new water saving nozzles. New spray bodies will be installed if needed to correct water loss in the stem of the pop up sprinkler, a huge water waster if not addressed.
Smart Controllers: Smart controllers adjust the programmed run times of the zones every night according to the weather in your yard. They save water and money, and may qualify for a rebate if you are a Cal Water customer.
Maintenance Check: Should be performed once or twice a year. Zones are run one at a time and any problems repaired on the spot.
Water Audits: Some towns are requiring a water audit for new landscaping to get final permit sign off. We are certified to perform those audits. We also audit existing lawn areas if there are dry or wet spots to determine sprinkler distribution uniformity and make corrections as needed.

Landscape lighting: Repairs to existing systems.  LED replacement bulbs can save up to 80% of the power used by halogen bulbs and last 10 times as long.

Zach Coney is an EPA Water Sense Partner